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Chumba Online Casino Reviews


Chumba online casino is one of the fastest growing social gaming sites. Founded in Malta, Chumba Casino offers all known casino games for iGaming pleasure. These include Blackjack, poker, slots, video poker, and baccarat.

One of the most unique points about this casino is that it is a paying social casino. That means you can redeem your points and tokens and cash them out as real money, this sets it apart and may be the main reason influencing its rapid growth and popularity.  Not all your winnings will be cash, since you will also win prizes only redeemable as gift cards.

Another metric that propels its user base is its availability in almost every country in the world. Users can play Chumba Casino in Canada, most US states, the UK, Australia, and other major countries. This coupled with its phenomenal games and graphics, has made it adorable to social casino fans worldwide. More than one million players are active on the website daily, with a user base of over 11 million registered users.

Where Is Chumba Casino Located

Every casino needs a home, and if you look at most Chumba Casino reviews, you will discover its ideal location. Malta is the offshore Las Vegas for online casinos, which is not surprising to find here. With a huge double floor office suite, Chumba is licensed and regulated by the government of Malta. This makes it an ideal favorite with security for players and fair play gaming.

Chumba Casino is owned and operated by Virtual Gaming Worlds Limited, or VGW Holdings.

How Does Chumba Casino Work

When you play any Chumba Casino game, you have the chance of winning sweep coins. These sweep coins are accumulated and allow you to win real free money. Once you have earned at least fifty sweep coins, you can access real money.

Getting Started: The first step is to register an account with Chumba Casino. Please note that you do not need to spend real money to earn cash at Chumba. The offer will be tempting to get $30 worth of gold coins for $10. But you can always opt to just accept your 30 Sweeps coins and start playing.

You can start your game by accessing your Chumba Casino login. Each time that you log in, you will be awarded 200,000 gold coins and 1 sweep coin. Use your bonus gold coins to play and redeem sweep coins. Accumulate your Sweep coins to win real prize money.

To claim these bonuses, you must log into your account and click on the claim button in the yellow popup that will appear on your dashboard. This will occur on your first log in every 24 hours.

Users may buy additional Gold Coins or sweeps cash on the Chumba Casino. When playing with Sweep Cash users may redeem at a value of 1 US$ for each sweep Cash.

What Are Sweeps Coins on Chumba Casino

Chumba Casino allows users to buy Gold Coins that come with bonus Sweeps Coins. Players can use these gold coins to win Sweep coins and redeem them for cash prizes. For example, when a player buys $5, he will receive Gold Coins plus a hefty 5 bonus Sweep Coins. All Sweeps Coins winnings are eligible to be redeemed for cash prizes.

Players do not need to purchase additional Gold coins. They receive 200,000 daily plus one bonus Sweep Coin. Instead of playing every game try one of the following methods:

  • Use your knowledge: Only play casino games that you understand and are good at. Chumba Casino offers more than 100 games, and it is unlikely that you will be an expert at all of them. Playing with your knowledge will give you a winning edge.
  • Play games with high RTP: These are games that will return better winnings to you. Try sticking to games with only RTPs over 85.
  • Play only skill games: Skill games mean that you will have some say in the outcome. 90% of casino games are built on chance. However, some games can be altered slightly with your choice. These include blackjack and poker.

How to Cash Out on Chumba Casino

Making a withdrawal is the player’s favorite moment. They have won and desire to have their rewards or prizes in cash. Getting paid by Chumba Casino is guaranteed but not fast. It does take a processing time of up to 15 days.

To avoid this, you may opt to use the Chumba debit card. This is the fast option and has a withdrawal limit of $25,000. Here is how you can make a withdrawal from this casino.

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click the withdrawal button located beside the Buy Now button.
  3. Select the REDEEM button.
  4. Select from the available options how you desire to receive your prize. This includes the Chumba debit card, bank transfer, and gift card.
  5. Finish the transaction process, and your withdrawal will initiate payment procedures.

Once you have applied for your transaction, your withdrawal will begin. It will take up to 5 business days to have your bank account verified. Once verified, you can expect your transfer within 10 days.

How Much Can You Withdraw from Chumba?

Chumba Casino allows winners to make withdrawals on the following earrings in exchange for prizes. A maximum of $25,000 is permitted.

  1. Chumba Casino sweepstakes: These are points won in the sweepstakes and are only redeemable as gift cards. Users may withdraw by selecting the gift card and copying and pasting the Safety Code.
  2. Chumba Casino free sweeps: Chumba rewards free sweeps rewards to players regularly. Players must follow the rules of each prize to be able to redeem either sweep cash or sweep coins.
  3. Chumba Casino sweep coins: These coins are rewarded daily and can be earned by playing your Gold Coins. After accumulating 50 sweep coins a user may redeem rewards.

Chumba Casino is one of the fastest growing social casinos where users may win real cash without the need of investing their own money. It has been and will continue to be the center of many Chumba Casino reviews.

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