From Sin City to Macau – A Comparison of the World’s Top Casino Destinations


And just last year, yearly gambling dealings in Macau did more in terms of money than any year before in Vegas, but Las Vegas is still not ready to hand the baton to Macau without a struggle.

But, which city offers you the best gaming experience? Below, are some key distinctions.

Las Vegas

Trying to determine if you are an avid gambler that enjoys all the action and entertainment that casinos offer during your next trip? Check out these casino destinations options right now.

Las Vegas is the most obvious on the list, and for good reason: Sin City has become the containing many of the world’s largest single buildings hotels like Bellagio and MGM Grand offer non-stop gambling; newer casinos such as Cosmopolitan and Fontainebleau lean more towards younger, splashier entertainment.

Macau, Asia’s Monte Carlo, is a good ‘escape’ from Vegas for Sin City fanatics seeking fewer people and the same level of fun. Formerly a far-flung Portuguese colony, now it claims more than 70 casinos – including all the biggest brands with great shows, like Cirque du Soleil, and AJ Hackett’s bungee jumping off Macau Tower.


Singapoer has a broad appeal to gamblers who often enjoy being spoilt for choicemet menus and indoor waterfalls, world-forces my belief in the country as being an ideal place to gamble from.

Gamblers from Mainland China went to Macau fewer times last year, according to a report by the American global financial services firm Morgan Stanley. This was due to two reasons – less time and fewer new work visas for foreigners.

Despite all of these setbacks, though, Macau generally expects decent economic fortune going forward, thanks jump into the orbit of powerful foreign multinationals; this should allow the special region to overcome its present slump and attract even more tourists, who make the lions lie down with the sheep.


Sure, Macau takes in more from gambling than Vegas, but it’s hardly the place for the average tourist. Apart from sipping green tea and smoking hard Chinese cigarettes while playing Baccarat for 16 hours straight, it’s not like there’s much to do.

And there are things to do besides gambling: the consultancy firm MarketMetrix, which has been measuring overall customer satisfaction in Macau, found that Macau casinos drew higher TripAdvisor ratings for room quality and cleanliness than Las Vegas casinos.

Interestingly, the person mentioning Macau as a very gambling-focussed place goes on to indicate that many of the casinos even seem to disregard the fact that they might draw people who could become problem/pathological gamblers. When casinos do not feel responsible about whether their gambling activities could harm certain individuals, the outcomes could be horrific; luckily, most major casinos do take responsibility seriously, preventing patrons from harm to the best of their ability.


Australia has the largest casino complex in the Southern Hemisphere: Crown Melbourne Casino Complex offers a wide range of entertainments, from table games and pokie machines to theatre performances and sports book betting and, of course, its own Gordon Ramsay restaurants!

Macau has long been known as the Las Vegas of Asia. Its small portion of Chinese territory is home to a glittering corridor packed with casinos that attract millions of high-spending gamblers every year. The casinos are usually bigger, more extravagant than those found elsewhere, while the slots themselves feature Chinese-themed imagery such as red and golds, good luck symbols, the zodiac and fortune dogs to suit high-roller tastes.

They’re less regulated than Las Vegas casinos and won’t ask you who you are or if you’re worth anything — and that’s a big part of the reason why they’re so successful, but those places don’t have half the other attractions that Las Vegas has.

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