The Best Travel Bingo Destinations in the World


Do you consider visiting a foreign country, just to play bingo? If yes, you will be surprised to see that there are lots of places in the world, where you can practise this beautiful game. We are going to share with you a list of five different destinations, which are extremely popular with their bingo halls. Other important information will be shared as well just after the list. Let’s start and see where we will send you.

1. London, England

London is considered by many people the capital of bingo. And maybe the people are right because there are tons of bingo halls offering offline bingo games to the players. The first official land-based rooms were opened in the 1960s and since then they have doubled.

Let’s not forget that England is a perfect play for playing bingo online. If you are interested in this kind of travel and playing online, you can check all the best online bingo bonus offers right now. You will be surprised to see how many good promotions are listed there.

2. Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow is another city located in Great Britain and it is normal to have excellent bingo rooms. However, we are sure that nobody expected to see halls there offering this lovely game but there are. Scotland is just like England and bingo is highly popular, especially among the ladies. It is a perfect spot to play your favourite game and have a chat with your friends.

3. New York, USA

Not many people believe New York is a good bingo destination but we do not think so. The Big Apple has absolutely everything and there are also land-based bingo halls, which are accepting players for more than 50 years. Except for bingo, you can visit New York to taste some local and very delicious dishes.

4. Paris, France

People are visiting France, especially Paris to make happy their girlfriends and boyfriends. They enjoy drinking good wine and tasting an excellent variety of French cheeses. However, Paris is a good destination for playing bingo too. The game is very popular, though in the past few years it is being played mostly online. But do not worry, there are still enough bingo halls available.

5. Swansea, Wales

Swansea is one of the most beautiful cities in Wales. It has an amazing landscape, lots of museums, ancient castles and incredibly good food that should be tried by anyone who decides to visit the country. But what about bingo? Like the other countries in the UK, Wales is accepting bingo very well. There are quite a lot of rooms where you can freely play this fantastic game.

Other Places Where You Can Play Bingo

The above-mentioned places are not the only cities, where you can play bingo. There are lots of destinations where you might reach the bingo halls. From our experience, we can assure you that almost in every country, you will find a place to spend your time, while playing incredible bingo games. Recently, we have found that this game is even popular in Turkey, mostly in the summer resorts, which are visited by lots of tourists.

  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Mumbai, India
  • Las Vegas, USA

Playing Bingo Online Instead

Except for playing offline bingo, you might consider playing bingo online too. By doing this you will also receive free spins on registration no deposit to play some of the best online slots that are offered by the gaming platforms. And the most important thing about playing bingo online, you do not need to pay for any travel expenses. You will save some funds that might be used for getting nice bonuses and promotions.

Final Words

If you are an adventurous person and you want to visit a foreign country to play bingo, you now have many options. All of the cities we mentioned have more than one place where you will find bingo halls. On Google, you will find enough information about what spots you can visit and check the feedback and reviews shared by players. In the meantime, you might consider playing some bingo online, it is as good as offline but there you can get bonuses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to travel abroad for playing bingo?

You do not need anything special, just a willingness to do that, money and your passport.

Is anyone free to play bingo in some of the countries listed above?

Yes, as long as you have a passport, you will be free to visit the countries above and play some bingo.

Do I need a visa or any other document pass to play bingo in a foreign country?

It depends on your country’s restrictions. Some territories can be accessed only if you have a visa. For example, the USA is one of the countries where you need a visa to visit it.

Travel Bingo Destinations

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