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Do you know that your residents can also love playing Bingo at home? Not really, not totally. However, a large amount of activity directors always have issues offering residents various bingo prizes ideas that their residents really like. What’s the reason for this? The reason is many of these activity directors make money from selling Bingo tickets and Bingo prizes.

When you purchase your Bingo tickets in person or online through a Bingo promotion company or broker, you are buying something of value – a Bingo ticket. The problem is these tickets and prize money become attractions for those who will sell them to you. Why? It’s simple – because the more people buy tickets for you, the more money you make.

In other words, the more people who buy tickets, the more money the activity directors earn. In most cases, activity directors and brokers get paid by taking part in the actual Bingo game itself. That means activity directors can buy the tickets at wholesale cost and then resell them to your residents for a profit. Now if you think about it for a moment, you realize this presents a huge dilemma for you and your residents. How can you be sure that other members of your household would enjoy playing Bingo at home when you won’t be playing yourself?

This issue was addressed adequately back in the 1990s, when the National Bingo Association was trying to figure out a way to make Bingo more fun to play and more enjoyable to be won. So the association created the National Bingo Superstition Awards and invited all the local television channels to provide a short awards special each year. Each week the award winners would receive a free gift. Naturally the television station wanted to win, and they did. They announced the names of the winning bingo prizes, which usually included a free lotion or body lotion from your local department store.

The solution they found was quite simple, and it solved a lot of problems for both the bingo prizes and the local shops. The idea was that people who played the game would enter their names in the drawings for prizes, but that the shop owners would receive winnings from the actual sales of the lotions, body creams and so forth, thereby ensuring a steady stream of income for both the bingo prizes and the shops. In the end the residents won’t have any problem with the bingo auction because everyone wins, but you’ll see how easy it is to make a quick profit with bingo prizes.

A quick way to create cash without having to do a lot of hard work is to offer a bingo prizes through your online community. There are many ideas for fun bingo prizes you can offer through a bingo prize drawing, and you can have your online community to select as many of them as they like. You will have to limit the invitations to residents, however. Since these are generally small prizes, you don’t want to invite hundreds of residents over to play, because then you’d lose most of your initial guests, plus any extra guests you get on signing up for the drawing. The first few draws should be for simple “just wanted to thank” type of prizes – for example, engraved compact mirrors, which are sure to attract lots of attention.

To find out what ideas are best for your site, visit the Online Playing Bingo Association (OPAA) website and look at their glossary of popular bingo prizes. In addition to being able to buy tickets for various activities, these tickets can also be exchanged between members. If your community has an official bingo hall, this is the perfect place to get tickets, since the activity directors probably keep an inventory of all of the current bingo prizes. If not, you can go to the website of one of the bingo companies and purchase tickets there.

Other popular prizes include electronic gadgets, gift cards and lotions, spa certificates and even, occasionally, cash. Since you may be limited by the number of tickets that you have available, try not to spend too much of your budget on one item. Instead, choose a good bingo card that will encourage lots of people to play, like a really helpful duffel bag full of bath soaps, moisturizers, lotion and socks – or a deluxe hand-held shower bottle filled with nail care products, lotions and shampoos. The idea is to give the winner’s something that they can use while they’re playing bingo. This, in itself, encourages more people to play.

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