How To Play Bingo: An Easy Guide


Bingo is one of the most popular games played at land-based casinos and online. In the United States, bingo evolved from the same traditional system of lottery tickets used in England to a game where players would bet real money without having to buy a ticket. Invented in the 15th century, bingo was a favorite game among the upper class in both Europe and the Americas. By the middle part of the nineteenth century, it had spread all over Europe and America, becoming the national pastime.

In the United States, bingo evolved from the same game of luck with printed cards, marked by different numbers that are drawn at random by the bingo master, marked by the players, called “bingo cards.” It is played with a deck consisting of 300 cards, printed with regular cards and numbers, in nine or ten-sided “bingo sheets.” Today, Bingo is played on computer software programs as well, using bingo cards printed on PDF (portable document format) and printed onto non-toxic paper. The official rules of bingo in the US are almost the same with those used in other countries, but variations in rules may exist.

The aim of bingo is for the participant to win real cash prizes. The prize can be won on bingo cards printed with regular numbers, called “pens”, and also on jackpot bingo tickets. Jackpots consist of combinations of numbers that are the sum of all winning numbers for a game. Like other gambling games, however, there are certain requirements that must be met before a player can win a prize.

First, players must show their ID cards to the bingo hall before they start. This is usually done by a bouncer at the entrance who asks for ID cards upon detection. Some bingo halls require players to show proof of citizenship, such as passports, which may cause some players to decline. Some bingo halls even require players to surrender their bingo cards before they can join. For example, in New York, all players must surrender their bingo cards before they can join.

Some bingo halls allow multiple players at a time, though many do not; so before a player enters a bingo hall, he should check to see if it’s only him being called. If it is, then the other players may join without having to mark a card. Some bingo halls have separate lines for single players and double players. These players usually play in groups of two to eight.

Winning tickets are bought in packs of eight, usually with a discount for members. The cheapest way to buy tickets is by going to a live dealer. Buying Bingo tickets online is relatively cheap, especially when purchased in bulk. Although there are various ways to make money from a casino game, bingo offers a simple way to make money and is considered to be a safe game.

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