Top 5 iGaming Industry Trends to Watch in 2022


The gaming industry is progressing at a very fast rate and online casinos are at the center of the whole trend. Casino video games have proven to be extremely entertaining as many gamers from all around the world are looking to register at casino sites and have the best gaming experience.

Even though these platforms have been around for just a couple of years, they managed to progress a lot and now, there are countless games created by game developers, all of which are entertaining to play.

With that being said, we wanted to take a look at some iGaming trends to watch in 2022. As a reminder, these trends do not concern games such as Fortnite, League of Legends, or Call of Duty; the article concerns the online casino industry only.

Blockchain Gaming

The blockchain gaming industry has made a huge impact and that is why it is likely to become one of the biggest gaming trends in 2022. Thanks to blockchain technology, players are able to experience bigger security and fair gaming.

Crypto gaming is tied with the concept of provably fair. Through provably fair gaming, players are actually able to check whether an outcome of a certain game is fair or not.

RNGs are similar to this concept and they are currently the most commonly used tool in terms of fair gaming, but the main difference between these two is the fact that with RNGs, you cannot check the randomness of a certain outcome.

Additionally, considering the fact that the blockchain is decentralized, this form of cloud gaming may prove to be far safer than the current gaming form.

Mobile Gaming

Next up, we have mobile gaming. Mobile usage has grown a lot in the past couple of years and players are now fond of playing video games such as slots, poker, and even eSports on their mobile devices.

Why? Because mobile gaming provides players with massive flexibility. Smartphones allow players to access their favorite games at any time and place, just as long as they are connected to the Internet.

All new games are now powered by the latest HTML5 technology, meaning that you can enjoy them from your phone and the overall gaming experience will not differ from the one while you play the same PC games.

Virtual Reality Gaming

VR gaming is a concept that has been in the talks for the past couple of years. Game providers are now able to turn that into reality as there are a couple of VR casino games that have popped up on the market and they have had a decent reception from the players. To enjoy them, players need VR headsets and a solid gaming device.

Now, it is worth noting that virtual gaming is still an early concept and even though we are likely to see it in 2022, it will still be in its development stages. Experts think that this technology will be far more accessible in the next couple of years. The case is the same with augmented reality.

Metaverse Gaming

The metaverse has been quite a trending topic in the past year, especially after Facebook, the social media giant, announced that it will change its name to Meta. Since then, the gaming market was turned upside down as many gaming platforms are now focused on making an impact in this sphere.

Just a reminder, the metaverse is a 3D alternate reality in which the main focus is social connection. The concept has been discussed in various movies on Netflix and other platforms with Ready Player One being one of the best examples.

Now, thanks to advancements in technology, the metaverse is likely to become a reality and the iGaming ecosystem is more than ready for it.

Live Casino Games

Gaming fans that want to indulge in multiplayer activities will be pleased to know that live casino games are progressing at a very fast rate and they are set to become one of the most popular casino games.

As the name of the category itself suggests, they are played in real-time and players join the game via a stream. What makes live casino games so loved is the fact that they are extremely interactive. How? When you join to play a certain live game at your preferred online casino, you can chat with the dealer and get more information on the gameplay and rules.

Pretty much all table games that you can think of have live variations. That includes:

  • live blackjack
  • live roulette
  • live poker
  • live baccarat
  • game shows

These games are also available on all mobile and desktop devices, but in order to play them, you must be a registered player at the casino.

Cryptocurrency as a Payment Method

Blockchain gaming is on the rise and we may see it in 2022, but one trend that is far more likely to be adopted in 2022 is depositing and withdrawing money with cryptocurrencies. The casino video gaming industry started adopting cryptocurrencies massively in 2021 and that is likely to continue in 2022.

There are several advantages that come with making payments with a certain cryptocurrency. First off, each deposit and withdrawal is instant. Just to compare, deposits with other payment methods are instant, but withdrawals usually have a processing time that can last as long as 5 business days.

Some methods such as Neteller and Skrill may have instant withdrawals, but they often come with fees on withdrawals. Not only are crypto withdrawals instant, but they do not have any fees as they are decentralized.

Thanks to the anonymity of the crypto world. Security is increased even more and you don’t have to worry about insecure payments. You must, however, make sure that the casino where you are planning to register an account is licensed and regulated.

One bonus thing that is worth mentioning is that NFTs might also be included in the online casino world. There are many speculations as to how NFTs will be included, but one thing is certain – casino sites are always keeping up and are adopting the latest trends and these tokens are one of those trends.

iGaming Industry Trends

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