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With modern online platforms oftentimes offering thousands of different game options to play at online casinos, it can be difficult for some players to pick out exactly what they’d like to play when overcome with choice. These options are popular for many players looking for operators with lots to offer, so when looking at the wide variety of options, how can players choose from the most popular choices to get exactly what is being sought out in a game?

Return rate is an important figure – Whilst playing at an online casino, a key indicator for many will be within the pay-out of the game and what can be expected when it comes time to win, some operators will feature a filter for games that show the return rate to make it easier for players to choose the games that will pay-out the most but may also be something of a confusing metric too. Simply relying on the return rate as a metric of play isn’t just an indicator of popularity as many slot games have lower return rates but are often amongst the most popular games, so there are many other indicators that lead to game popularity too.

Social features are becoming more prominent too –Online casinos have moved away f rom just being a winning or losing type of game, and there’ has been a growing focus on social factors too as online platforms have been increasingly working towards including different social options. Having the ability to connect with other players and turn the online casino into a social experience is something that has been sought after for many after being unable to attend physical locations and brings back part of the experience that many players deem as an essential process for casino players.

New tech for immersion helps bring change VR has been touted as the next big step forward for online casinos for quite some time, something that will bring a more realistic feeling to the games as it can build a real space with all the tactility that a real casino would offer from the comfort of home – whilst this is still a bit of a distance away, there are some services that are already offering these changes and becoming amongst the most popular online casino games, similar to how live casinos were able to emerge and grow very quickly too.

The most popular individual games change regularly, newer options from different developers reach the top lists and then fall out of favor, but online casino games as a whole and the different gaming categories are thriving and growing bigger than ever before, with nothing but success on the horizon.

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