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According to New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement data, four jackpots worth $1 Million or more were paid out at Atlantic City casinos last year.

Mega Millions

Mega Millions has quickly become one of the most beloved lottery games in America with its massive jackpots and second-tier prizes of up to $5 million, as well as its innovative Megaplier feature that allows players to increase their winnings even further.

Mega Millions drawings take place every Tuesday and Friday night at 11:00 pm (EST), with players winning prizes if their numbers match those drawn. Prize amounts are determined based on pari-mutuel betting; hence the total winning amount could differ significantly from what was advertised.

If you win the jackpot, you have two payment options to consider when taking home your prize: either an annuity or lump sum payment option. Annuity winners receive one immediate payment and 29 annual graduated payments, each five percent larger than its predecessor to keep pace with inflation. Winners have up to 60 days after each draw to decide how they would like their prize distributed.


Powerball has undergone dramatic change over the years. From 42 to 59 numbers in its main drawing and an ever-increasing minimum jackpot to include Power Play doubling any non-jackpot prize won.

The Powerball lottery results page displays the latest winning numbers soon after each draw and offers a comprehensive prize breakdown for every drawing in history. Select any date to see results from that day.

Each participating lottery is responsible for awarding prizes relating to Powerball tickets sold within its territory, unlike the jackpot pool which is shared amongst all members of the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL). Furthermore, there is also an annual Secondary Prize Tier that pays out 30 annual graduated payments based on expected sales volume, jackpot contribution rate, current market interest rates and any rolled over funds from previous drawings.

New York Lottery Scratch-Offs

At its inception in 1967, the New York Lottery faced stiff competition not only from other state lotteries but also other forms of entertainment that vied for consumers’ limited discretionary income. Winning consumers over was no simple task when competing against off-track betting, casinos in Atlantic City and upstate New York as well as unregulated online gambling was available.

But over the past several years, the Lottery has increased its marketing and sales efforts to familiarise customers with its games once more. Their initial campaign featured TV commercials featuring people sharing what they would do with a million dollars as an attempt to inspire viewers and convince them to buy tickets.

New York Lottery winners have had an exceptional month. A man from Brooklyn won the top prize in 200X earlier this week, while another from Westchester County claimed Triple Red 777 scratch-off game last month.

The Big One

The Pacific Northwest may not be an earthquake-prone region, but that doesn’t preclude major disaster from striking without warning. Without proper preparations in place, communities could find themselves without water, food, or medical supplies for months at a time.

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