Mythbusters and the Slot Machine


Mythbusters can be an enjoyable game, but the monotonous repetition of revisiting old myths doesn’t add much enjoyment. Even when myths are busted successfully, no real progress seems made and you just repeat the experiment again and again.

An outcome of a slot machine spin can only ever be predicted through pure random chance; counting symbols or finding patterns cannot influence it at all. Pulling or pushing has no bearing on its outcome.

Myth 1: Random number generators are rigged

Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, two special effects experts who use scientific methods to debunk urban legends on MythBusters. This series tests theories based on movie scenes, adages or internet videos to either prove or disprove them.

Predicting what will come out of a slot machine is impossible as its RNG generates random combinations every millisecond. Furthermore, this system cannot be considered “rigged”, since any person playing after you has equal chances of hitting that jackpot as you did.

People used to attempt to manipulate slot machines using wire to strike an electrical contact inside and rig an electrical circuit within it – this allowed them to get certain amounts of coins out.

Myth 2: Slot machines are “hot” or “cold”

Many slot players believe that slot machines can either be “hot” or “cold”. A machine that has recently paid out a large sum is considered hot; otherwise it would likely remain cold.

However, this is a total myth; slots use random number generators so each spin is independent from previous results and the brain of a slot machine soon forgets all about each spin after it occurs – counting wins and losses is inaccurate and can even lead to addiction and other issues, making setting limits and playing responsibly even more crucial for healthy gaming experiences. Understanding how slot machines operate also provides important insight.

Myth 3: Slot machines are “due” for a win

Many people mistakenly believe that slot machines are “due” for a win. The reality, however, is that each spin’s outcome is determined entirely by chance – meaning previous results do not influence future ones and near misses do not signal an impending winning combination.

This episode also retested some myths that had been commented upon or criticized by viewers, and introduced three members of Hyneman’s staff: metalworker Tory Belleci, builder Scottie Chapman and artist Kari Byron who became known as MythBusters’ Build Team; eventually this team would become the default MythBusters lineup. Furthermore, this marked the inaugural use of MythBusters’ Busted/Plausible/Confirmed verdict system which became part of each future episode – marking one more step on their journey!

Myth 4: Payback percentages are fixed

This myth can tempt slot players to keep playing longer than necessary. But payouts are solely determined by luck; your previous spins or how long you’ve been sitting at any particular machine won’t impact them at all.

The MythBusters team uses a two-step testing approach when investigating myths. First they attempt to recreate the circumstances surrounding an alleged myth before replicating its results – often times this reveals that claims in particular myths cannot be replicated without special equipment or knowledge.

Myth 5: Bonus rounds are rigged

This myth can lead to some very risky gambling practices. It’s easy for a player to believe that when one machine pays out a bonus round, another one must surely follow; but this mentality can quickly lead to overconfidence when playing slot machines.

Many players believe that casinos manipulate their games for their own gain. This is an extremely common misperception after experiencing a prolonged losing streak; although casinos may play their own game, they are most certainly not manipulating it to your benefit.

MythBusters have undertaken rigorous investigations of several myths which were so difficult to disprove that they prompted an entire episode to explore them. Alongside these full episodes, they have produced four specials and various short videos related to individual myths.

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