Slot Etiquette 101 – Dos and Don’ts at the Casino


A visit to any casino, bricks-and-mortar or online, involves signing up to a social contract to respect other players, and treat them with dignity.

Respect the staff members of the casino, especially the slot attendants – you’ll see that they’ll always give you great service if you are nice to them.

Do Respect Others’ Space

Whether you are a veteran high-roller at the casino, or dipping your toes in for the first time, here are some basic rules of casino etiquette that can make or break your game. 1. Don’t play at too many machines at once. 2. Don’t steal another person’s territory. Nor stand too close. Respect others’ personal space around you. 3. Don’t call someone a cheapskate. 4. Don’t show off your luck when you win!

Keep your hands away from other players..2. Keep your fingers from touching chips and cards (keeping your hands in your pocket is a good way); other players won’t like it, and neither did I.It’s very easy to think that since you’re sitting at a table with lots of strangers, your manners should be secondary to your gambling objective. I get that, because it was also my experience. However, civility and showing respect for other players – even if they aren’t showing you the same respect – will help you fit in and keep the gaming environment civilised. • Address dealers and staff courteously and without foul language; don’t complain; call looks better than bitch • Never begrudge a loss. This is life at the casino. if you don’t like losing your bankroll, there are many other fun activities you can find to do. Follow these rules and you’re likely to have a happy time in a casino!

Do Wait Your Turn

Etiquette in these casino environments can sometimes be the most important factor in making the gaming experience enjoyable for everyone present, from staff members to other players. Without appropriate discussion and respect for fellow players, table disputes can easily lead to heated arguments that make mediation impossible.

Among good gambling habits is not gloating after a win and, conversely, not looking too disappointed after a losing session. Tip a casino waitress who delivers you a complimentary drink, as her income is dependent on tipping; likewise, do not chain-smoke in front of non-smokers – they will feel insulted but also unpleasant and might move away from your table. Other gamblers will hate you for it.

Do Be Polite

Remember to show respect to fellow players (and to casino staff who are, after all, instrumental in the games performing well).

Sportsmanship is crucial during gambling, because players must also congratulate each other and accept losses without excessive gloating which could irritate others. In the end, losing is an inevitable aspect of gambling, which is why congratulating others is important and quitting the game gracefully is encouraged.

Giving unsolicited advice is impolite. However, since the other players didn’t ask for advice and it is none of their concern how you play blackjack, simply giving advice they didn’t ask for would not be any advantage and should not happen. In addition, giving advice when the other players didn’t ask for it might disturb the flow of the game.

Do Don’t Hog the Machines

Slot machines are addictive and in a busy casino, people can space out. Don’t hog more than one machine at a time — other people liked to play slot slots, too If someone is hogging three machines at once, grin broadly at them and say: ‘Sir or ma’am, would you mind if I joined you at one slot slot?

Making sure that the social etiquette of casino gaming is learned and observed by gamblers will help guarantee a pleasant time at any gaming table. Not only does respecting the adult-only policy and dress code ensure that the gambling experience is enjoyable and uninterrupted by rowdy and disruptive behaviour, but it also ensures it avoids becoming negatively impacted by drunkenness that may impair one’s judgment.

Do Don’t Scream

Either way, it’s unacceptable to yell at someone who works for a casino – written or verbally – no matter how well or badly you do when you play the games. That person has probably heard it all, and could easily become a mark for a criminal looking to take advantage of your gambling addiction– a person who feeds off your good feelings for their own.

You will also scare away other casino patrons to the gaming floor, which can be rather embarrassing and ruinous of everyone else’s gambling experience. If something goes wrong, ask for help from the slot attendant if possible. They should be trained for just such circumstances — and certainly they wouldn’t mind throwing you the occasional gratis meal voucher or a pile of player club points as an apology if necessary.

Do Don’t Take Extra Machines or Chairs

This etiquette includes respect for other players as well as casino staff. People have to behave properly – starting with dress codes, no noise or interruptions (barking dogs, crying babies, drunken sprees cannot blur the clear vision of other players ready to take the remaining chips) but, most of all, having an adequate regard for a friendly gambling attitude while accepting the reasonable response of blackjack dealers. Responsible gambling going awry has to be handled with composure; but you don’t want to get annoying so much that you make the game no fun.

Taking up extra chairs at casino slot machines – especially without asking – is deemed inetiquette because it leaves little to no room for other players to sit and participate in the activity, as well as affects the casino’s ability to generate sales revenue should casino revenue-generation depend on raking in as many individuals as possible to the gaming tables at one time. If others were to take over too much of the space on these slot machines, other players will lose out, and the casino will generate less in revenue.

Lurking at a machine can be dangerous. It’s highly inadvisable to watch another player’s game, especially for the subsequent reasons: • You might spend all your money, as you’ll probably go to that machine when the other player leaves. • The other player’s machine might go cold before your money runs out, and you would have wasted your chance on the wrong machine. • The other player might win her jackpot. • The other player is in the chair for a reason (usually not only to be a mood-breaker). Also, don’t stay and watch after it does become your machine. • You might lose your energy in anticipation. Wait for an open chair at a nearby machine. • Go to another lounge, bar, or snack bar. Don’t forget to drink water. If you must, go to the bathroom, get some food, or play a video game.

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