Types of Casino Jackpots


Progressive jackpots may be the draw for slot players, but fixed jackpots can offer just as big of rewards – these jackpots remain fixed regardless of the number of bettors or players who participate.

Progressive jackpots may be local or shared across multiple casinos; the latter are known as wide-area progressive jackpots and tend to reach much larger amounts thanks to more contributing slots.

Progressive jackpots

Progressive jackpots are rewards that grow with every wager placed on slot machine games, growing until someone claims the pot and then its value resets back down again. How much you may win will depend upon both the type of game and how many machines are connected.

Local progressive jackpots are linked to individual casino games and each time someone makes a bet, part of their stake is added to a pool for future wins. While local progressives typically feature smaller prizes than their networked counterparts, networked progressives share prizes across several casinos or states, making prizes much larger overall. When gambling experts calculate Expected Value (EV), they often take into account potential progressive jackpot sizes; it helps draw in customers while simultaneously drawing newcomers into playing more regularly!

Fixed jackpots

Fixed jackpots (commonly referred to as flat or standalone jackpots) provide players with a fixed amount that they can win from any bet placed, making it ideal for those who like knowing exactly what to expect when wagering.

Local Jackpots are generated solely from bets placed on one machine. While typically smaller than progressive jackpots, local jackpots can still have the power to transform lives! They may also be activated through specific bonus games.

Wide area progressive jackpots are a hallmark of online casinos, offering potentially millions in prizes over time. While they’re harder to win than single machine progressives, wide area progressives can still be activated on multiple slots from one provider at once.

The jackpot total grows with every bet placed, as measured by an adjacent meter. As long as it remains unclaimed, its total will increase significantly; some jackpots may even span multiple casinos to allow for even further growth of its total amount.


Fixed jackpots on slot games are determined by game developers and displayed on each machine; players only win these prizes by landing specific combinations of symbols during either base gameplay or bonus activation.

Progressive jackpots are awarded as a small portion of every bet placed on certain machines and grow as players place more bets, until eventually being won and reset back to its initial predetermined value. Progressive jackpots are available across a range of slot machines and video poker games.

The size and scope of a progressive jackpot depend on both its source and contributor machines. Standalone progressive jackpots build on one machine only; local and network progressive jackpots may grow more rapidly over time as multiple machines at one casino contribute.


Progressive jackpots shared between machines in one casino usually payout within days or so of winning, after verifying your win was legitimate and payment has been released to you in full or installments based on individual cases; though sometimes they’ll offer one-time instalments.

Stand-alone progressive jackpots grow through bets placed at just one machine at one casino, though these types of jackpots may still reach life-changing amounts. Local jackpots tend to build faster due to more machines in a particular location contributing. Networked jackpots span an online gaming network across a wider geographic area.

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